Style Guide

When selecting a dress for your special day it is essential to consider the style and the fit that best compliment your figure.

The good news is that courtesy of Essence Designs © we can help you choose!


A-Line Dress

Starting from a fitted bodice, the skirt of an A-line wedding dress flares out from below the natural waist, lightly brushes past the hips, and extends to the hem forming a figure-flattering 'A' shape.

The A-line silhouette is a high demand design because of it's ability to flatter almost any body shape.

In this silhouette petite brides tend to appear taller. It can add graceful curves to a straight figure. It can help draw the eye away from a wide waistline. It can even hide any lower-body imperfections


Fit and Flare / Trumpet Dress

The Fit & Flare silhouette, sometimes called a Trumpet silhouette, takes shape with a close-fitting bodice that hugs the body down through the hips and then gracefully flares out to the hem.

More understated than a Mermaid style gown, this silhouette brings a visual balance of drama and glamour, adding just the right mix of classic and chic to a wedding dress design.

This fashion-forward design is ideal for a bride who wants to accentuate her sexy, hourglass curves.

Compared to other silhouettes, the Fit & Flare / Trumpet design is one of the most attractive options for petite brides, brides with straight figures, and can even positively accentuate the curves of a more full-figured woman


Sheath Dress

Long, narrow and oh-so slim fitting, the Sheath silhouette is the epitome of a sleek, sexy design.

With it's straight lines and body hugging shape, a sheath style wedding gown is as versatile as it is beautiful.

From vintage to modern, simple to richly embellished, this silhouette know few limitations. Naturally, a Sheath dress is most flattering on a slimmer frame.

Because of it's long, slender lines, it can also help a petite bride appear taller. At the same time, it's form-fitting design draws attention to every curve - even those you may wish to conceal. 


Mermaid Dress

A glamorous, high-fashion silhouette, the Mermaid style gown is a faultless and sexy way to frame a bride's hourglass curves.

Tautly embracing the contours of the body from the bodice to the knees, a skirt then dramatically flares out down to the hem to give it it's 'mermaid' form.

The Mermaid silhouette hides very little while highlighting every curve. Brides with slender figures will find this style to be a flattering choice, but even a confident, full-figured woman can pull of this ultra-dazzling look with ease. 


Ball Gown Dress

Featuring a dramatic contrast of a fitted bodice with a stunning full skirt, the ball gown design is less of a wedding dress and more a work of art.

Ball Gowns often feature embellishments of layered tiers, elaborate beading and delicate embroidery that are fit for a princess.

The Ball Gown silhouette is a very figure-flattering design. It is exceptionally forgiving for any bride who may look to conceal any lower-body concerns.

However, petite brides or brides with a full bust may want to consider other options because it's theatrical style tends to overly emphasize certain attributes, making short seem shorter and big seem bigger


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