Comfort tips for the bride-to-be

Panache Bridal Boutique top tips for ultimate wedding day comfort

Four ultimate comfort tips for brides-to-be

Every bride has the perfect wedding picture in her mind, and probably has done ever since she was a little girl. But even when you think you’ve got everything sorted for your big day, it’s always useful to re-address some of the most important aspects of your day, your own comfort!

That’s why we’ve put together a few bridal comfort tips so you can ensure your well-planned big day can be enjoyed by everyone, especially you!

Comfort tip #1 - Don’t underestimate the importance of wearing the correct underwear.


You’ll have spent time, effort and no doubt a lot of money seeking your perfect wedding dress.  You want to look stunning on your Wedding Day and will probably have been on a healthy eating plan, hitting the gym and been concentrating on your skincare regime in the lead up to your Wedding Day.

Ensuring you are wearing the correct supportive underwear is equally important.  You want that hourglass silhouette so it is vital that you are wearing underwear  to lift, push and shape your bust where you want it to be (regardless of size) and bottoms that will shape,  flatten and are probably seam free.

I understand that this is probably not what you had in mind for your wedding night and there are some beautiful sets of wedding underwear available to buy.  Most of these (depending on the dress) are not suitable to be worn under your dress and can cause lumps and bumps in your dress so ideally you are looking for something quite plain and smooth so that it does  not show through your dress.

Keep your special set to change into later.

PRO-TIP: It is vital to take your wedding dress underwear to your dress fitting.

Comfort tip #2 - Do I need a petticoat under my dress?


Unless you are wearing a light sheath style dress I would almost always recommend wearing a petticoat.

Petticoats come in various styles to suit most styles of dress.  A Petticoat will smooth your silhouette, hold your dress away from your legs and feet making your dress more comfortable to wear and will be easier to walk in.  It will also help your dress display as it should, making it easier for your bridesmaids and photographer to titivate your dress for photographs. 

PRO-TIP: If you have one, it is vital to take your petticoat to your dress fitting. Call us to discuss different options.



Comfort tip #3 - Wear the comfiest heels you can find


Comfy doesn’t have to mean old-fashioned or ugly.

There are plenty of high-fashion shoe brands exuding bridal comfort and elegance all rolled into one including Benjamin Adams, Rainbow Club and Pink.   These bridal brands have constructed their shoes with comfort in mind.  They know that these shoes are going to be on your feet for a very long time and  most have padding at the ball of the foot and heel area.

PRO-TIP: Choose a heel height you know you will be able to cope with all day.

If you have a floor length gown you do not want to be removing your shoes, wearing flip flops or even Converse later in the evening as your dress will be far too long and will act as a big mop on the dancefloor soaking up spilt drinks, it will be stood on most likely torn.

It is vital to take your wedding shoes to your dress fitting.


Comfort tip #4 - Dress Alterations


All dresses will require some sort of alteration to ensure the dress is fitting your body perfectly.

Regardless of how well you feel the dress fits, I would always recommend asking the advice of a professional dress maker.  At the very least you will probably need the dress hemmed and also adjusted at the bust cups to ensure that the dress is sitting flat against your bust and there is no gap between your bust and the dress.  (This is also where the well constructed bra comes into play)

A common concern I hear from most brides is that they do not want a strapless dress as they will be hauling it up at the bust all day.  Whilst this might be a common sight, this is poor dress fitting.  If you have had your dress fitted by a good professional dress maker, your dress will fit you like a glove and there will be no risk of it falling down and no gap between the bust and the dress.

PRO-TIP: The slightest tweak can make all the difference.  

If you have questions about any of the tips above we welcome all enquiries so please do not be afraid to call us for a chat or email your questions.

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