Find the perfect wedding dress

Wedding dress shopping is no easy task. We all know what it is like to have the pressure of finding the dress of your dreams.

Don’t worry. We have heard from the experts and met so many brides who know exactly what you are going through.

Read on and see Panache’s top tips which will hopefully cause you less stress and open up more time for the rest of your planning to-do list (like the all important taster menus!)



Always go dress shopping with an open mind - just because you’ve been pinning your ideal looks on Pinterest to your hearts content, doesn’t  actually mean that this look will suit you or your day.

So be open minded when you look.


Trust your sales consultant - they have had many years training in fabrics and styles so listen to what they have to say and be honest with them and yourself - you may well be surprised.


Always always fix your dress budget before going dress shopping and be open and honest with your chosen boutique - it may well be fun to try on gowns way over your budget, but it's only your heart you’ll be breaking when you do start trying dresses and they don’t live up to the ones out of reach.


Timing is very important with dress shopping - it can take around 9 months from point of order to your wear date to have everything in time with no rushes - also don’t shop too early - you’ll only end up wasting your own time plus that of the shops.

Styles change, and also become discontinued so always go when you feel ready to actually order your gown should you find it.


Don’t take too many people to your appointment - but do take the ones whose opinion you just have to have with you to decide. Your gown is going to be a surprise for your guests just as much as your hubby to be!

You can't please everyone and so taking too many people will only lead to confusion

These five simple things could make all the difference between your dream dress fitting/shopping, being pampered and enjoying the experience... to a lot of heartache and indecision as you try to please everyone but yourself.

Talk openly to our friendly advisors on what works best for you.  Call us on 07548 507 465 or contact us via email today.

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