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6 wedding traditions that are outdated


Just about any part of your marriage ceremony and reception has profound roots based in history. Be it the tossing of the bouquet, your wedding bands, or who will pay for the marriage even, these traditions have been established for hundreds of years. But it doesn't suggest you can't follow your own path.

In fact, increasingly more lovers are nixing some wedding practices because, let's not pretend, it's 2016 people and some things may need to stay in the past.

American etiquette expert Diane Gottsman, who owns The Protocol College of Texas, gave her perception on which customs it's OK to leave behind and how to proceed instead.


1. Requesting the bride's dad for her hand

"There are a few circumstances in which a father's approval may well not be accessible, or as important to the couple or the partnership. Lovers nowadays are also marrying older than previous generations and it could feel contrived to ask the father when many are spending money on the marriage themselves, have had children, or it isn't a first relationship.

The traditions is showing admiration for the family so requesting the mother, an uncle, a sibling or the complete family will be a realistic gesture."


2. The tossing of the garter and bouquet

"Catching the garter is known as good luck, and catching the bouquet is superstitious for another someone to get married. Lovers often don't desire to be as formal, or want to break from traditions and do something differently than that which was done before. Some [brides] don't wear a garter or they could carry a tiny spray of flowers rather than a huge bouquet."


3. The bride must wear a veil

"Symbolically the veil was an indicator of reverence and chastity. It isn't poor etiquette to omit it, but is a formal gesture if the marriage is super conventional."


4. Parents should pay for the wedding

"The tradition began because women didn't normally work and were heading from their parent's home to their husband's home. Historically, the bride's family was in charge of almost all of the expenses - the officiant, the music, the bride's dress, service and reception - and the groom's family payed for the travel, rehearsal evening meal, and marriage permit.

The custom is over and both parents do more than their part, often splitting the expenses or paying more than is expected. Some opt out or pay less - it is often a matter of what the couple or the parents can afford."


5. There must be a bridal desk

"Usually there's a table in advance where the bride-to-be, groom, and bridal party sit at.

Nowadays, some lovers choose to stay at a big table with their friends, or walk around and go from chair to chair at each table to invest time with the guests."


6. You can't see the groom prior to the wedding

"It's predicated on a superstition that it might be bad luck for the bridegroom to see the bride-to-be in her outfit. It isn't bad etiquette for a bridegroom to see his bride-to-be. In fact, some couples spend the day together and meet up again in front of the altar."


Though some families may be super traditional,  we do live in the modern world and more couples are opting to leave some traditions in the past, but be careful of ruffling the feathers of the older family members.

It's your big day so you decide xx

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Poll - Junior Bridesmaids Collection



New Collection - Interested?

Do you have a "Tween",  junior bridesmaid or flowergirl in your bridal party?

Panache Bridal Boutique is looking to expand our bridal collection by offering an exquisite range of Junior Bridemaids dresses from world class designer Sorella Vita

Sorella Vita have introduced a Juniors range suitable for approx 9-14 years.

These Junior Bridesmaid dresses complement our existing bridal collections and are completely on trend with sequin, chiffon, tulle and satin styles to match the adult gowns available in all the colours.

Juniors collections would also be offered our alterations service.

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Christmas Wedding Ideas


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for a wedding!

Everyone comes together at this time of year, so why not make the most of it and celebrate your nuptials, too?  Rich sumptuous colours, roaring log fires and hopefully a sprinkling of snow, winter weddings are magical and romantic.

We love a Christmas wedding, so here are some of our favourite theme ideas to get you in the festive spirit…

Bridal Style

Dramatic lashes, scarlet lips, and a high neckline with just the right amount of skin; keyhole backs are on-trend. Float down the aisle in a gown with textured tiers that are light as snow or a gilded gown with intricate embroidery is a regal choice for Christmas time brides.

Photo: Bethany Ann Photography, Jessica Svoboda Photography & Sarah Crowder Photography

Festive Accessories

Bold accessories and colour tones really help your wedding day photographs "pop" and you'll definately stand out form the crowd with these ideas.

Darling bows add a girlie touch to these daring red-hot heels. 

Display your accessories on a gold object to make them really pop in photos.

            Photo: Rachel Pearlman Photography

            Photo: Rachel Pearlman Photography

According to ancient folklore, the Druids regarded holly as a sacred plant and believed it had magical powers of protection. What better plant to include in your groom's boutonniere?

Photo: Bethany Ann Photography

Photo: Bethany Ann Photography

Personally, I've always thought that red bridesmaids dresses would be tough to pull off, but the cherry shade looks ultra-flattering on all of the 'maids skin tones.

Photo: Bethany Ann Photography 

Photo: Bethany Ann Photography 

Seasonal Colours

            Photo: Shelley Adam

            Photo: Shelley Adam

Let’s think about Christmas colours – if you want to avoid the traditional greens and reds associated with the season, then there are loads of modern winter options for you to consider.

We love the look of berry shades such as deep reds and purples interspersed with winter whites. It’s a chic option for a Christmas wedding that feels luxurious and festive.

Purple calla lilies are a sophisticated choice, and you won’t need many of them to create an impact. Talk to your florist about what will work for you.




Photo: Kim Hawkins

Photo: Kim Hawkins

We think a beautifully decorated Christmas tree is an absolute must at both your ceremony and your venue.

Use the wedding colours you’ve chosen for your tree decorations.

Whites, silvers, golds and berry shades are classic and chic, while bright jewel shades of turquoise, emerald, ruby and amethyst will also look wonderful.

For your table decorations put a mini tree on every table, or, to make things look extra festive, you can drape some organza around your wedding tables or tie onto chair-backs and table centre.




Other great festive touches include personalised festive candy cane or snowflake and icicle napkin holder and place settings.

Holly wreaths and rustic woods and pinecones are another warming seasonal touch though perhaps use sparingly if there are lots of children on your special day, this avoids injuries. 


                     Photo: Studio Lux, Shore Shotz, Sarah Crowder Photography, Rachel Pearlman Photography


Eat, Drink and be Merry

                       Photo: Simon Biffen Photography

                       Photo: Simon Biffen Photography

Christmas is the best time of year to splash out on great food and drink, so serve your guests a festive feast! You could offer your guests mulled wine and hot spiced apple juice as they arrive at your reception, with mini sausages to nibble on.

A version of Christmas dinner is a natural choice for your main meal. Most people love a roast – and it doesn’t have to be turkey. If you’re having a buffet you could serve up the main course carvery style, so as well as the traditional turkey with all the trimmings, you could offer a large ham and a vegetarian option.

For dessert, the options are endless – Christmas pudding, mince pies, Yule log, trifle… our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

                                                                                                                     Photo: Ashworth Photography

                                                                                                                     Photo: Ashworth Photography

We hope these ideas have inspired your festive wedding day, but a word of warning though before we go…

If you have booked a wedding at this time of year, make sure you get those "Save the Dates" out super quick to avoid any clashes of commitments over the festive period.

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